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Welcome to the Juan de Fuca Pathfinders Walking Club

“Walking knows no borders”

Volkssport walks are usually 10 km with a 5 km option and are planned to showcase the community or countryside.  Leashed well-behaved dogs can participate in most events.  Contact the organizer of the walk for more information.

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Volkssporting is an international sport and can involve walking, bicycling, cross-country skiing and swimming. Our clubs host walking and bicycling events.

Volkssporting is a non-competitive, social walking event enjoyed by all ages and abilities all over the world.  New walkers are always welcome.

For information, click on the links below.  They display dates, locations, Canadian Volkssport Federation trail rating and contact information for each event.  Most of our walks are in the 1a to 2c rating.  Children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

Fees are $2.00 per walk for Volkssporters ($1.00 for “Permanent Trails” if being repeated).  Fees are used to provide maps of the walking routes and to cover insurance costs required by the Canadian Volkssport Federation.  New walkers are given 5 free walks.  You can download your Free CVF Stamp Books for new walkers here.

Walkers who choose to participate as Volkssporters can purchase event and distance books at a nominal fee.  When books are completed, they are submitted to the Canadian Volkssport Federation for awards.  These books are available at all event walks.  Canadian Volkssport Record Books information.

In 2015, the name, YRE (Year Round Event) has been changed to PT (Permanent Trail) to comply with wording used in Europe.  At this time, the name will not be changed in the United States.

For information on the Juan de Fuca Pathfinders Permanent Trails, click on  JDF Permanent Trails Locations 2015.

Click to view the 2018 Calendar of Events.




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